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Poems by Janet Martin

poem count: 186 | pages: 21 | first place: 6 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 51 times
Perspective For Peace
A small poem about a big God!

Believing Without Answers
Even when we do not understand, God's way is perfect! I wrote this poem to encourage a suffering sister-in-law.

Master of the Mind first in poetry contest
Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee. Ps.119:11

A Redemption Reflection finalist in poetry contest
Written this Good Friday morning as I meditate on Love beyond comprehension...The Cross... the place where utter need is met with utter grace

Love Offering From He Who Owed Us Nothing
with Easter approachingits message of hope rings nearer and dearer than everas I reflect on God's glorious gift of grace for all mankind forever, to we, sinners that stand condemnedbut for the redemption that poured from Calvary's cross once fo

Step-by-Step Soul-diers
Hopefully hugs and kisses to our youngsters far out-numbers scolding and discipline, but sometimes when our 'discipline' seems harsh at the moment it's good to remember this is no ordinary task; these are soul-diers we are training!

For All The Hers and Hims
Sometimes when I'm out in the quietness of His wonderful world it's like God puts his arm around me and He whispers/shouts, "Janet, look! I made all this and I will take care of you and yours!

Tear-worthy finalist in poetry contest
My sister and I were talking about how hard it is to read Easter-themed pieces without tears!(and that makes it hard to volunteer to read at an Easter Service:)But, we concluded, they are worthy tears...Jesus shed tears for us.

Hold to the Hand That Holds Us finalist in poetry contest
I sent this to my daughter in college the other day when she asked me to pray for her. I need constant reminding to hold His hand too!