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Poems by Pearl Leona Sturgis

poem count: 217 | pages: 25 | first place: 2 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 24 times
Half way Around The World
By God's providence I met someone on Face Book from China. We became friends as I saw her posts exalting the Lord, She inspired me to write this poem. Another generation caused me to call her "Little Girl" and she began calling me MOM.

Alone With God
I just wrote this the Day after Christmas. A wonderful family time with many blessings and heartaches mixed.

Dear God
I just wrote this today. I haven't written anything for quite a while. I just look around at all the sad things like the school shooting this week.

Baby Jesus
I sang this song to my kids when they were little. I was looking through an old box of poems I had written years ago when I found this one for Christmas.

Such Love
I wrote this years ago but God's love never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

The Seasons Follow finalist in poetry contest
I was missing a loved one when I wrote this. I was thinking how the Lord comforts you in sorrow with his changing seasons in life.

He's Always There
I wrote this after our house fire in 1990. Even though everything materialistic was gone I felt spiritually close to The Lord.

It Is Written
I forget exactly where it is but I was reading the Bible when I was inspired to write this poem

Little Foxes finalist in poetry contest
I wrote this after hearing a message about little foxes. It is a chapter in the Bible but I don't remember where.