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Comforting & Joyous Poems

(Just) A Matter of Time
When someone we love and cherish passes away, the hurt and times of missing their presence dominates our hearts and times during our time of healing and mourning. The Lord's comfort in those times never fail us and hope remains forever.

Just Trust finalist in poetry contest
Though we have struggles in this life, we need to just trust Jesus

Joy of Favor
We often have restless souls - caused by our striving. Sometimes God strips away all our coping mechanisms so we learn to lean only on Him and His strength. This journey is often hard but it is what is needed so our intimacy with God can thrive!

Let Healing Start
It is so easy to hang onto hurt and regret. While we grasp these things we prevent the healing of God to do its full work in us. Time for us to let go and let God!

The Father Sees
A comforting thought at a time of bereavement.

People of the Way
Describes some of the many attributes of God's people; people of the way.

His Decree finalist in poetry contest
It is His work, His word, His decree that changes us.

Unending Joy
What is real joy?

Goodbye For Now finalist in poetry contest
My mama passed away on 07.25.23. During our last conversation she didn’t say “goodbye”, but instead kept telling me “goodbye for now”. It brings comfort to know she felt the same as I - her death would only be the end of a chapter, not of our f

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