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Poems by T Rock

poem count: 44 | pages: 5 | finalist: 1 time
Blossoming Brightness
A poem about finding forgiveness

The Gift
A poem that reflects the gift God gave us in Jesus.

Poem of Praise
This poem was written to give praise to God, to thank Him for grace, protection, His word as well as many other blessings.

Undying Faith
Describes what drives the passion of a never-ending faith in God.

Blessed Assurance
A poem that describes the assurance we have that all sin Is erased with belief in Jesus and that God's children will go to heaven.

The poem explains why God disciplines His children

A Godless Society
Describes how our nation which was based and founded on Christian principles has now become in many ways a Godless society.

Shout Hallelujah
Speaks about looking forward to going to Heaven and how others should celebrate

Let it Go
A poem about forgiving others