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Comforting & Joyous Poems

The Treasure Within
I had a lot of insecurities, especially as concerning my physical appearance. I almost went into depression, as people would say a lot of hurtful things about the way I look. One day, God showed me myself from his perspective and that changed everything!

Quiet Each Soul
The Lord quiets our restless souls when we seek Him - they rest securely in Him, where they are shielded forevermore.

Joyous God
So often people have the impression that God is a dreary God. Nothing could be further than the truth! He is the creator of fun, He delights in us - what a glorious thought. It's time to realize in our hearts what a joyous God we trust.

Angel Butterfly
At the loss of a very sweet lady and good friend, I was inspired to write this little poem in honor of her. I knew, with no doubt, that she was in the arms of God.

The Lighthouse finalist in poetry contest
I wrote this poem after realizing that I have often missed God's messages to me. It is so easy to get caught up in life, and miss what is most important. This poem, I believe, reflects that.

Secure in His Embrace
Unsure of who you are? Unsure if you are good enough? Jesus will meet you there!

Semper Idem
I wrote this poem in a time of great sorrow. It gave me much comfort to know that, although grief and change are inescapable, I may always find consolation in the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Weary Soul
Living out of our efforts will make our soul weary. Time to be refreshed - time to accept Jesus's invitation "Come to Me"

God's Recipe finalist in poetry contest
This poem shows a mixture of God's blessings - a recipe, and how the ingredients of life's blessings are mixed, stirred, blended and shared.

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