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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

Why, Lord?
A poem about a person who questions the lord, seeing the beautiful Lord Jesus look at him. His faith is strengthened and he no longer questions God.

God Heals The Wounds
God will heal your wounds

I See God Work
I see the wonderful work of God

All Depends
The Bible clearly states that salvation and faith are by God's Grace alone even if we try to make it otherwise.

Such A God
I am so glad to have such a wonderful God

God is Love finalist in poetry contest
No matter one's past, you can be saved because God is Love.

That Time of Year
How reflection of sin can turn to redirection within.

Choose Life and Blessing
Adam and Eve's fall brought sin into the world, but we can still choose life and blessing in Jesus Christ.

Will the Potter's wheel Still Turn
This poem came out of the grief of dealing with the loss of a friend, the uncertainty of death and finally the assurance of the mercy of God and the promise of salvation.

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