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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

My Ebenezer Moments
Ebenezer is a Hebrew word that means “stone of help.” 1 Samuel 7:12 Christians can raise their Ebenezer because God is our stone of help. We all have had times when we know without God, we would not have made it through.

He Knows
The Lord knows your needs

Always Open
God gave me this poem as I was praising him for who he is, and how great he is.

The Carpenter's Way
First of all, thanks be to God for your taking the time to read this poem. Its a simple poem written one morning as a small illumination of what the Chrisitan life and the person of Jesus Christ is like. The latin is translated in the succeeding lines.

Cured finalist in poetry contest
The work Christ did to set me free

The True Shelter
Describing the lives of those who are struggling with addictions and who live in a shelter against Psalm 91 and the true "Shelter of the Almighty"

We Were There That Day
All of us are responsible for the death of our Lord Jesus Christ - Yet He still longs for us to come to Him so that He might forgive us and pour His love into our hearts.

As Long as God is my God
All hopes, dreams, and prayers are only hopeful as long as God is my God.

A hate-filled heart destroys itself. Its target may be someone else, but it will stand between you and God. That is why Christ Jesus commanded us to love our enemies. That does not mean to submit to them but to view them with compassion.

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