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Stained Remorse
This poem explores the writing experience - so often crafted and designed for our protection. The rawness and honesty controlled and directed by our pride. Compassion then is left to wander aimless without any real depth and meaning.

An Inadequate Rhyme
Our poems are inadequate to describe the one who indescribable.

Hues of Contrasting Colors
Our lives and words are broken until we surrender them over to God. He gives them meaning and worth through His grace. Transforming our landscapes into something of real beauty.

A Faded Past
A poem of contrast, exploring the transformation that happens when we receive the precious words from our God

Open for Healing
Explores the reason that I write.

The Poet
Many people enjoy reading and writing poetry. But who is the poet, how does his mind work, and what purpose does he serve? Let's dive in and explore these great questions!

Not So Ordinary
As a writer I often feel limited by my ability and my knowledge of words. But God's love is never ordinary, so when describing it we can never do it justice. We can only pray God will use our limited words to bring comprehension to others.

The Christian Poet
A reminder to us all to check why we write. May it always be for God's glory and to share His love!

Your Life’s Poem
Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

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