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Poems by Annie B

poem count: 47 | pages: 6
The Lamb's Conquering Feast
No matter when it seems that the enemy has won the fight, it is vital that His Believers remember that the Fight has already been won.

His Path to Glory
It is a victory chant, of sorts. The poem begins with the path of sorrows and ends with His Resurrection.

Placing My Trust in God Today
As I wrote this poem, I realized that placing my trust in God is not a one time thing. He offers that promise every moment, and in every situation.

Your Light Divine
The full cycle of life is made much clearer with His Divine Love and Light being our beacon.

Despair Not
Even when our worlds get out of hand and anxiety wears out our hearts, Jesus gives us the command, "Do not worry.'I have found that I cannot do that without the Holy Spirit's intervention, even though His phrase seems so easy, at face value.

Angel Voices
Whether on earth or heaven above, Christ Jesus was designed (from eternity) for glory, honor, and praise.

The Voice of God
I am learning that I do not need a special place to hear God's voice. He is in our desert, our wilderness, our everyday life - every moment, every breath.

The King Arose and Will Arise
Many times, in my life, I need to remind myself that He loves me (not by my own effort). He arose from dying for my sins, and will arise soon as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Slaughtered Lamb
The poem is long; however, what He has done for us (if listed) is much longer.