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Poems by Denise Collier

poem count: 22 | pages: 3
Guard Your Ground
God gave us all a land of the plentiful. The enemy wants this land as well. Let's be reminded to protect what the Lord has given us as His children.

Perfectly Made
God never makes a mistake when it belongs to His creations. You are one of them. If you are down on feel in some way inferior to others, just remember God created you perfectly for His glory and know you are no mistake.

Disciples of Christ
This poem is about what it means to follow Christ and the goodness He gives for following Him and how to accomplish that by receiving salvation.

Run to Jesus
When we run to Jesus, we go to the source of all we need in life.

Crazy Praise
We all know that one woman in church who loves to praise a bit more charasmatic than the others. Let's remember we all praise in different ways to honor the Lord.

Despair's Answer
We all at times have burdens and moments of despair where we feel just overwhelmed. Let's remember God wants to be there in those times to encourage us and remind us we are not alone.

God's Hand
God will always shelter and guide us with His mighty hand. We need only to trust Him in this regard.

Tears of Thanks
There are many reasons why we cry tears, and some of them are tears of thanksgiving. May we all shed these kind of tears for our Savior who died in our place.

God's discipline is an act of love for us. May we not fight the process of His refining.