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The Healers
Examples of the "hands and feet" of Jesus

Contrast of Words
Explores the contrast between my careless words and God's perfect words

What a pity if we fail to see the beauty of God's gift of the Sabbath. Instead we turn it into duty or we neglect the connection and refreshment it can bring. Sabbath so much more than being inactive, but more actively resting in His love.

Guardian Angel
A poem about Guardian Angels who God sends to watch over us.

The mystery of the heavenly
Written after watching Brian Cox's program on Black Holes

Direct Us—Lead Us
The Lord will direct our path when we acknowledge Him in all ways - He will be the Beacon of Light that lovingly lights the Way with Truth.

Words of Difference
The words we receive from God make all the difference!

God Whispers to My Heart finalist in poetry contest
God softly whispers to our hearts, but many times we are distracted and do not hear His voice. It is when we don't listen and do things our way, we learn a costly lesson . . .

God Sees the Hearts and Souls of Mankind
As our Creator, the Lord knows everything about each of us - He see our hearts and souls, and knows our willful ways.

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