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A short poem that discusses extraordinary/unexplainable events and the purpose of God's miracles.

Judge & Jury
The poem discusses how God will judge us as we judge others.

The Saint And The Neophyte
A fictional poetic tale about the three Magi, the birth of Jesus, and the journey of Alphaeus, father of Matthew, and his son!.

Glory Road
A poetic take on the wide and narrow paths, and who will follow each of these.

Only through His strength
A poem about being a Christian with a mental illness. (Bipolar disorder) I also struggle with intrusive thoughts, and intrusive memories. In the poem I try to describe my own, subjective experience, and how it is Jesus who keeps me from giving up.

This is Church finalist in poetry contest
What is church? This poem explores what the true church really is - or at least what it should be

The Voice
The first time I have written a Villanelle. It relates to the uniqueness of the human voice in relation to God.

The Janitor
A poem about society, and the heroes it overlooks.

How Many Times?
How many times must we forgive?

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