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Presence (Psalm 139)
A poetic version of Psalm 139.

A poem concerning ‘seeing’ God which is a gift of the Holy Spirit and Grace.

A poem about the immutability of God.

New finalist in poetry contest
A poem describing the ‘old’ of the world and the ‘new’ of God’s world.

A poem encouraging us to dig into the deep things of God.

From Heaven to Earth
A poem explaining that God came down to us, and our holiness is from Him, rather than trying ro climb to His holiness.

Redeeming Grace: A Journey from A to Z
Explore the path of redemption through overcoming sins from A to Z, guided by biblical wisdom and the transformative power of God's grace.

His Name
Poem explaining the greatness of the name of Jesus.

Abiding in His Presence (Psalm 91)
A poem explaining the security of abiding in God’ presence as shown in Psalm 91.

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