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Cell Phone Phenomenon
The cell phone has brought many changes to our society, some good and some not so good. What might happen if we were devoted to God as much as we are devoted to our phones?

The Prince And The Pauper
A reimagining of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

There Is A Place
Reflection is good for the soul. If you're humble, and know what your "righteousness" really amounts to, you know that you need salvation! The proud, the vain, the greedy, and the defiant are knocking on another door. A door they should pray never opens!

How Does God Choose A Hero
Does God have to "find" a hero to carry His message?

The Gilded Leaves Of Autumn Sigh
There is nothing more important than being ready to meet the Lord. No matter if we try to wish it away or ignore it, death is a certainty for all, as illustrated in this personification of leaves.

Pleasant Perk Of Aging
Although there are aches and pains involved, growing older does have its perks when you are walking with Jesus.

BETTER THAN ME first in poetry contest
Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy. I will always need it.

I make no apologies for this being a bit confronting, but there is nothing in this poem that you cannot read in the Fox Book of Martyrs. Have no illusions Saints....As our Master suffered so we must be prepared to suffer

Angels On The Battlefield finalist in poetry contest
A dying soldier's experience as he crosses over.

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