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Creation Poetry

In Language Seldom Heard finalist in poetry contest
Please respect God's creation.

Silent, Vibrant and Beautiful
A real, based story about a creation encounter giving praise to God for what he's given us.

When you look closely at the things God created, you can get a glimpseof Him in each and every thing.

God's Little Paradise second in poetry contest
Creation continues in a wide variety of places...

God's Workmanship
I always find comfort and joy when I ponder God's creation. The title comes from Ephesians 2:10 and the body of the poem was inspired from Acts 17:24-25

Perfectly Made
God never makes a mistake when it belongs to His creations. You are one of them. If you are down on feel in some way inferior to others, just remember God created you perfectly for His glory and know you are no mistake.

The Last Season
This poem attempts to describe the four seasons that God has put into existence and providing beauty beauty comes from each one.

Someone Did
Elements coming together for a '"big bang" came from where? Every explosion known to man creates disorder (volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts, lightening, dynamite, etc.). But the biggest explosion ever resulted in perfect order?

God is the only thing worthy to be called awesome.

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