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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

God's Love II finalist in poetry contest
Poetic words describing His love that gave us life for death

Forty Days and Forty Nights
For forty days and forty nights, Jesus went into the wilderness to be tempted and tried. And the most amazing aspect of God's love is that with each moment of suffering the Savior experienced, it was we, He was thinking of.

Healing Deep
Time may deaden pain, numb our senses - time will tend to bury our hurts. Time alone is not the great healer as some may claim, Jesus Christ is!

The Revealing second in poetry contest
As we walk through this life, we can choose to go forward without the Lord's help, while facing the consequences of our actions. Or, we can be attentive to the Lord, seeking His will at all times, and awaiting His awesome revelations along our way.

Thirst for His Touch
Time has been a big factor in my walk with Jesus. Life can get in my way at times and I have to remember what is really important.

God's Love
Jesus work of love for me and for all

I Know a Place
God's mercy reigns and rains on us.

The Holyland
For years I have wanted to visit the Holyland. I thought it would be magnificent to be able to put my feet in the very dirt where my savior walked. But as I was writing this poem, I realized I walk with Him every day. No need to go there.

Within His Glory
Sometimes the journey is hard. But usually the true beauty in life is in the journey with God. Not the location we end up, but found always within His glory

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