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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Snow finalist in poetry contest
Although winds may be blustery as snow flakes fall from the Heavens above, the Lord's wondrous peace touches the Earth with its beauty . . . and sounds of laughter may be heard by the Lord, as He looks upon each child at play, with sweet, tender love.

Kindness finalist in poetry contest
Kindness is an act of love, and when shared, it blossoms . . . “The desire of a man is his kindness,” (Proverbs 19:22, KJV).

God Gives Us . . .
God's love for us is immeasurable . . . His gifts, immense . . . He is patient and awaits us to seek Him--to seek his mighty arms, where we may nestle and be filled with His love and grace.

A poem about love, death, and Resurrection. Drawn from John 11

The Healing of Forgiveness finalist in poetry contest
Make no mistake forgiving costs us. However the freedom and healing we gain is priceless!

The Promise of Pain finalist in poetry contest
We sometimes try to avoid pain instead of exploring its meaning. Sometimes pain can lead to growth and understanding - of God ourselves and importantly others

Tattered Jacket finalist in poetry contest
A poem about the freedom found in giving our burdens to Christ.

True Life
True life is being bound by spirit and desire to the Lord

I WAS AN IMPERFECTION finalist in poetry contest
How Jesus sees past our imperfections and forgives . . . He mends our broken pieces . . . He is a friend to all."And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven."(Luke 7:48, KJV)

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