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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
My human concepts of perfection have been very different from God's.

Were You There?
Maybe we see Jesus more often than we realize.

Steadfast Legacy: The Recabite Covenant
"The Recabite Covenant" encapsulates the unwavering commitment of the Recabite lineage to God, serving as a timeless example of standing firm in faith amidst trials and temptations.Jeremiah 35:6-19

Harvest of the Spirit
This poem celebrates the fruits of the Spirit as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23, describing how they nurture and guide us through life's journey, offering comfort, strength, and guidance.

The Gateway to Love
Many people are drowning in regret. This poem offers new living hope through the voice of grace - offered by our Lord

Christ in Sight
We need to fix our eyes on Jesus - for He is where true hope is discovered and claimed

Children of the Light
It describes those who have been saved and then go on to reflect God and His word to others.

I Trust Him
Jesus is trustworthy and worthy of being trusted. He will keep every promise.

HIS STORY finalist in poetry contest
Let the life story of Jesus not just be history to you.

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