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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Children of the King finalist in poetry contest
We who know Christ are children of the King

The psalmist was at the receiving end of injustice. He recorded that in this psalm but all scripture was written for our instruction and comfort. This psalm is one pf prayer and faith as the evil purposes of the enemy are explored. Part of a series.

HE IS COMING finalist in poetry contest
So many students of eschatology are realising the Rapture is very close. We are in the last days of the Church age. This poem looks at the coming of the Lord for each of His own. We are in expectation. Poem was written about midnight very quickly.

The story of Martha and Mary

Open Door
We can turn to Christ in our darkest times and find a savior who is ready to welcome us.

The Prince And The Pauper
A reimagining of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

There Is A Place
Reflection is good for the soul. If you're humble, and know what your "righteousness" really amounts to, you know that you need salvation! The proud, the vain, the greedy, and the defiant are knocking on another door. A door they should pray never opens!

How Does God Choose A Hero
Does God have to "find" a hero to carry His message?

Babylon the Great finalist in poetry contest
A rhyming look at Revelation 18!

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