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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Outside the Gates
(Based on Luke 7:11-17)

Just Hear
Inviting those who don't know Christ to hear these words and accept Christ into their core

A Child of God finalist in poetry contest
A friend of mine was recently baptised into God’s loving family. My original intention was to pen these words in a general way for all children of God, but the poem took a life of its own and I soon found that my writing described him as God’s child.

Your Spirit Lives finalist in poetry contest
Having problems?

The Joy of Life first in poetry contest
Where does true joy come from?

Mark Almighty finalist in poetry contest
When people can't separate fact from fiction!

Time finalist in poetry contest
Everything our senses perceive, and our minds "understand", are a matter of perspective. And our perspective is extremely limited. We think we know truth, saying: "That is your truth, and this is mine". But these truths are simply beliefs,, not facts.

What Fruit?
Before God our words about Him and our daily "fruit" should match.

My 23 Psalm finalist in poetry contest
How the 23 Psalm connects with my life

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