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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Life Renewed first in poetry contest
A while back when I was a farmer we were experiencing a severe drought that I was not coping with. In pain, despair and battling in my faith; God stopped me one day and reminded me of what was valuable namely, His grace, my wife & kids. It renewed life!

There's Sunshine in My Heart finalist in poetry contest
God blessings have the power to place "sunshine in our hearts," even on gloomy days, and when we share those blessings with others we may bring sunshine into theirs hearts as well. Come, share the joy!

The Stranger
Many feel broken - hopeless - lost, but there is hope. Jesus draws close to the brokenhearted and saves those willing to trust Him with their crushed spirit. He sets free those who accept His gift of Salvation - He was once a stranger, and now a friend.

The Race finalist in poetry contest
This prayer is a petition to God asking for His guidance to "run the race" through life's journey - to run the race and outrun sin so that we may win the lasting crown.

Help My Soul Repent finalist in poetry contest
Our Father cares about each of us and our salvation. At times, He sends others to lovingly guide us to a pathway of repentance.

When a grudge invades your heart, release it to the Lord. Don't let it take hold of you and have its way. A grudge has a way of festering - It is better to forgive and be free from its grip.

Every Good and Perfect Gift finalist in poetry contest
The Lord is the giver of good and perfect gifts, and every gift made is given with love.

The Lord's Creation finalist in poetry contest
This prayer declares the Glory of God and the splendor of His Creation.

Wonder finalist in poetry contest
Have you ever stopped to really look at Creation and appreciate the gifts that God has bestowed upon us? There is such beauty surrounding us - all treasures from our loving and generous God who was, is, and ever shall He be.

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