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Poems by brian

Spiritual Abortion
We, as Christians speak out against abortion and we should, but how many times are we guilty of abortion. Not preventing life to come in this world for approximately 80yrs. But preventing the lost from being born again for all eternity.

The Narrow Road
The Bible speaks of the broad road, leading to destruction and The Narrow Road to eternal life. The broad -" many go in thereat". The narrow - "few there be that find it" (Matt.7:13,14)

My Rose
My Mom, Rose Pettit went home to be with Jesus this past spring. This poem is about her.

The Next Step
God only leads one step at a time.

A Christian Came into Our City
This is a challenge to study the life of Jonah compared to the life of Lot.

When God Turned His Back
I've never read anything in the Bible about Jesus complaining of His pain on the cross. But he did ask why God had forsken Him. There is nothing worse than having God turn His back on you! Are you saved?

The Chosen
Scriptural challenges for belivers

The Masterplan
Jesus Christ is the Foundation for our life, the Cornerstone.