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Poems by Mark Henderson

poem count: 37 | pages: 5 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 6 times
God is All Sufficient
A poem given as I prayed for a Christian friend facing terminal cancer

Lord You Know Me
Even though God knows us inside and out, now and till our end, Christ died for us and in that and that only do we trust. Not our imperfections.

The Prayer of a Cjhild
Even in the womb, a child is known by God and He not only can save them but calls them for His purposes.

A New Day
It is God who paints each and everyr day and it is we who live and marvel in it.

Resolving Conflict
There is only one way to resolve the conflict we experience in our lives and we see in the world today; it is resolved in Christ

Morning by Morning
Our God is faithful in His Love each and every day and we see it in all that surrounds us.

A poem written for a friend whio lost a loved one unexpectedly

How Beautiful Is
A poem written for a lovely Christian lady for her birthday

A Miracle Each Morning finalist in poetry contest
Meeting with God to start each day is miraclous nature