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Poems by Mark Henderson

poem count: 37 | pages: 5 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 6 times
Not Be Outdone
Why should the inanimate outperform those made in His image?

Some Days
Finding God in difficulties

I Run a Race
A poem for current times.

Take Me Lord
A poem about growing in Christ from time alone to time for n prayer to time in fellowship to time in mission

Lessons in Humility...and Love
A poem tha t came to my mind while watching dark, threatening clouds shifty roll by as I was praying about my need for humility.

O Death Where is Your Sting!
A poem written in response to the mass killings in Texas and Nevada

The Stones Will Speak
A poem inspured by a friend vacationing on Hawaii while dealing with grief..

The Train of Life
A poem about the Christian pilgrimage through this life and God's ultimate soveriegnity.

It is Christmas
A poem about Chirstmas from a heart perspective