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Poems by T Rock

poem count: 46 | pages: 6 | finalist: 2 times
Fruit of the Spirit
A poem describing all those things that makeup what is described as the Fruit of the Spirit in the bible (love, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, faithfulness).

Describes how we question and look for a reason as to why God heals some people while others suffer.

A short poem that discusses extraordinary/unexplainable events and the purpose of God's miracles.

Judge & Jury
The poem discusses how God will judge us as we judge others.

Son, Go Answer The Door
Describes someone who is fighting life trials and is looking for help from God. They are unsure and afraid He may not answer their plea for help. But of course, He does.

Ruler of This World
Speaks of the devil and how he is the ruler of this world and all its worldly pleasures.

Bring Back the Song
Describes the ongoing struggles and failures one has even after being saved and then seeking a new start and re-committing yourself to God and the Holy Spirit.

Ever So Slowly
It speaks of recognizing life's blessings, finding faith, and transforming your life so you can walk with and slowly become like Jesus.

To Truly Live
Seeking help, answers, and forgiveness in a harsh world and then finding God.