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Poems by T Rock

poem count: 46 | pages: 6 | finalist: 2 times
John 3:16
Tells how one of the Bible's most famous passages eventually led to being saved.

The Next Worldly Flavor
The current state of many in society today who shun religion and ridicule belief in God and Jesus.

Believe in the Blood
Describes how belief and faith in God will protect you from temptation and the lure of evil.

My Jehovah
A poem that describes some of the many different names given to Jesus

I Am Here
Describes how Jesus watches and walks with us throughout our lives.

Describes how it feels to be saved.

Describes how life for everyone is full of trials, that they have a purpose, and that with faith and trust in God, we can persevere.

Learn From Me
A poem/prayer about asking and finding truth and guidance from the Word of God and not the world.

The Gift of Grace
Speaks of the many blessings that come with the gift of Grace