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Poems by Tracy A Andrews

poem count: 31 | pages: 4 | finalist: 2 times
King David
King David is my favourite character in the Bible because of his passion for God. He doesn't always get things right, but his heart is towards God, and God loves him for this.

I Will Not Be Moved
I wrote this poem during the turmoil that was Covid. God helped me stay strong through the mandates and restrictions.

Our Thoughts In Troubled Times
This is a poem which resulted from reading comments online in a supposedly Christian Facebook page. I was truly surprised at some of the language and attitudes that I read.

Seasoned With Salt And Fire finalist in poetry contest
Mark 9:49 says "For everyone shall be seasoned with fire, and every offering shall be seasoned with salt. I was dwelling on this Scripture and studying around the subject and the words. These are my resulting thoughts.

Forgive Me, Abba
Abba has been there for me all along, I just couldn't hear Him. Now I know better and I share my heart of forgiveness.

Don't Live In Regret
This poem is based on 2 Samuel 19:1-8

The God Who Sees Me
This poem came from meditating on God as El Roi, the God who sees me.

Deepening My Walk With Abba
Have you ever thought how it would be to abandon yourself to God, every day, every situation, every moment, choosing to believe that God brought your problem into your life for you to learn from … except your sin. Such and awesome way to live.