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Poems by Warrior 4Christ

poem count: 27 | pages: 3 | second place: 1 time | finalist: 8 times
From Dusty Sod
A mortal, made from dust, contemplates the summer beauty of God's Creation with gratitude and praise

Cowboy's Nighfall at the Campfire
A Cowboy bedding down with gracious thanks to God for His amazing creative-love and protection

I Only Ask A Little Grace
An honest request for God to lift a soul above life's troubles, and give stability and hope.

As the storm raged, His disciples couldn't believe Jesus slept peacefully. They cried out--witnessing Serenity that caused them to know He feared no storm, but has power to quiet them!

Walk With Me Through The Fire
When we face adversity, illness, and death life seems overwhelming. But, if we pray for God's help, He will walk with us thru those fires!

If You'll Take Time For Prayer
A poem of comfort and assurance to remind us God will guide and help if we only turn to Him in prayer.

Heaven's Visitant
Shepherds are awakened to Heaven's angelic proclamation at Jesus' birth, to find re-birth of soul and great Joy!

An Old Shepherd's Rebirth
The miraculous finding of the Christ Child by an old shepherd rekindles his faith in God's Promise and Salvation

I Have Not Gone home Alone
Many of us lose Christian family members, and friends who live examplary lives for Jesus. I often use this as a comfort poem for funerals. It is our ultimate tesitmony of hope to those we leave behind.