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The Symphony of Sadness finalist in poetry contest
This is a sonnet I wrote during a time of much grief. It likens the soundtrack of mourning to a beautiful symphony and demonstrates there is much we can learn in grief which we would not be able to under happier conditions. See Ecclesiastes 1:18.

This Poem is about a man's struggle with a severe mental illness. It speaks of his trouble with expressing himself, depression, and having no direction in his life. He turns to God and prays for the peace of Jesus. The voices and anxiety are calmed.

My peace I give to you
Some artists were asked to paint a picture portraying the peace of God. One of the pictures submitted showed a violent storm, a raging river cascading over a water fall. Amidst the turmoil at the bottom of the fall was a bird standing on a rock singing.

Sorrow and Comfort
Based on II Corinthians: 1. I was struck by the knowledge that ALL of our comfort comes from the Lord, no mater what shape it comes example friend, song, poem, kind word, or just feeling surrounded by God's comforting presence.

Grasp My Hand
The Lord is with us through each struggle we face, whispering to our hearts - He offers His hand to lift us from despair, and if we grasp it, He will give us wings to soar the skies, as He sets our souls free.

So often we are living in the shadows. Afraid of stepping into the light of God's grace. Yet its only there that real healing of the soul is done.

Temptation Surrounds Us
Temptation surrounds us, there is no escaping it; however, we can fight it by calling out to Jesus, and by utilizing God's Mighty Sword - His Word. Speak it - pray it, and temptation will flee.

Radical Casting finalist in poetry contest
We need to practice our casting! - So often when I cast I keep my fears and concerns close. Ready to avail myself of them so I can keep in control. The casting mentioned in 1 Peter 5:7 is a little more radical than that and more blessed!

When Darkness Comes
Describes the anxiety and fear and helplessness you have when a loved one has gone astray. When the only choice you have left is to ask God to take them in His hands.

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