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Temptation Surrounds Us
Temptation surrounds us, there is no escaping it; however, we can fight it by calling out to Jesus, and by utilizing God's Mighty Sword - His Word. Speak it - pray it, and temptation will flee.

Radical Casting finalist in poetry contest
We need to practice our casting! - So often when I cast I keep my fears and concerns close. Ready to avail myself of them so I can keep in control. The casting mentioned in 1 Peter 5:7 is a little more radical than that and more blessed!

When Darkness Comes
Describes the anxiety and fear and helplessness you have when a loved one has gone astray. When the only choice you have left is to ask God to take them in His hands.

Free Will
A poem about how free will holds the power to both destroy and save a life.

Even When
Even when the situation is hard

Promises Remembered
When go through hard times we should always remember His promises. For He is faithful and committed to us. Time for us to be committed to Him and standing on His promises as we live out our lives

Desert Sands finalist in poetry contest
When we journey through the desert, our souls become parched and our eyes fail to see what is true. Temptation and deception strike, keeping us oppressed —in the dark—but when we call upon the Lord He leads us from the dry lands and quenches our thir

Bewildered and Alone finalist in poetry contest
There are children in this world who are bewildered and all alone - they are starving physically and spiritually, and in great need of love and care . . .

Bitter Thoughts
When faced with hurt we can choose bitterness, however the consequences of this path effects us more deeply than we realize. Instead let us dwell on God!

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