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Life can be a struggle and cause suffering for many, however, the Lord will help us through these times - "He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer" (Psalm 9:12, NLT).

Bring Back the Song
Describes the ongoing struggles and failures one has even after being saved and then seeking a new start and re-committing yourself to God and the Holy Spirit.

Story Refreshed
There is nothing like the love and grace of God to refresh our story. We may be feeling dry - looking for the rain that refreshes. Pain can help draw us closer in intimacy to God if we lean into the refuge of His strength or we can become bitter;

Held in Grace finalist in poetry contest
A poem especially for the Carer's. Who love and care through long hard days. May you know the strength that comes from God alone. May you know the burden is carried by a faithful Saviour - for you are held in his grace.

The River finalist in poetry contest
A poem I wrote to describe how easily we swim with the stream rather than against it.

New Start finalist in poetry contest
We need to embrace the new start God has given to us.

The Speck that Exposes the Beam
The one with the speck may know his pitiful state, while the one with the beam may not, due to self-righteousness or other spiritual blindness. Yet the one with the beam is called upon to deal with it so he can help get the speck out his brother's eye.

A day of decent and confusion. Turning to God to untangle my day.

Burdens of Life
The burdens that we carry often direct the story (verse) of our lives. What is the next verse that will be written in your life? May it be one that is transformed by His promise.

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