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Poetry About Jesus

The Living Water
Inspired by John 7 : 37 - 39 (KJV), where Jesus invites all those who thirst spiritually, to come to Him, and drink.

There is a friend…
Inspired by Proverbs 18 : 24

The Master’s Voice.
A poem about discerning the voice of Jesus in our lives.

Friend like you
Wrote this at 3am when got up early and was thinking about Jesus. This poem is an invitation to all Christ centered and possibly the best poem in the world . It goes as follows

The Savior
The reason

Rolling Stones finalist in poetry contest
Pascha is the Greek word for Easter; this poem is the story of Christ's Resurrection.

The Bright Morning Star
Jesus is the "Bright Morning Star" who shines through the darkness wherever we are.

Burning Love
‘Didn’t our hearts burn with us.’ We are so affected by what He has done.

Perfect Love
I had to preach on the subject of Perfect Love and I wrote this poem to go with it.

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