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Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

A Tale of the Great Flood
I was inspired to write this poem after watching a number of documentaries about the Black Sea and the work of oceanographers there. Reference:

Make the right choice

Rejected In America
America and worldwide they claim to have kicked God out but He is everywhere!

Outer Darkness
Repent and follow Jesus or forever be cast into outer darkness!

The Judas Way finalist in poetry contest
This morning at church we referred to the way in which Judas betrayed Jesus and I was convicted by the fact that someone who spent so many days with Jesus could drift away and commit such a dastardly deed.

Gimme Some Sugar
Listen to the devil, make everything evil sound good and follow him to destruction.

To The Powers That Be
A poem directed at satan's instruments on Earth.

Lost Sunday
Sunday has got away from a lot of people. A poem about somebody who has lost Sunday.

Lost and Found
Nothing special.

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