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Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

This poem raises questions as to "why" some cause harm to others, "why" is there greed, slander, violence, etc. "Why" can't we live in peace and harmony? '

Whirlwind finalist in poetry contest
This prayer shows how God is our refuge and that we should not fear - He is our strength and shelter in the midst of trouble - He can calm the storms that rage in our inner being and around us

The Shadow Of Death second in poetry contest
A look at the process of dying in sin, forsaken by God, and taken to hell!

I wrote this poem just to point out the great difference between a loving God and our evil enemy Beelzebub.

The Madness of Babylon finalist in poetry contest
Confusion, sin, witchcraft, false religion

How Many? How Much?
There is no evil we don't love.

Satan's Paralysis
Discussing Satan's wrong choices and His ill-effect on us.

The Biggest Lie
Poem about abortion and consequences..

The Silent Genocide
Abortion is an atrocity that happens all around the globe, may our Merciful Father forgive us for allowing such sin to take place in our beloved homeland.

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