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Poems About Heaven

My Garden In Heaven
I believe that the mansions in Heaven will all have gardens.

Can Someone Call Jesus
About a month before my stepdaughter passed away, she sat up in bed and asked, “Can someone call Jesus?” We prayed with her then, and the moment is etched in our memories. This inspired me to write this poem and include it in the eulogy.

Why Don't Angels Cry?
God's angels are all about us, and always about our Father's business. And one of their greatest joys is ministering and keeping watch over God's own.

Rest finalist in poetry contest
Where we find our true rest in God.

HEAVEN finalist in poetry contest
Thinking of that wonderful place.

Goodbye And Hello
This poem contrasts the sorrows of this world with the joys of heaven for those that are ready to meet the Lord.

Go in Peace Dear One
Death isn't the end for those who have gained salvation. Great joy awaits! Praise the Lord!

From Here to Eternity finalist in poetry contest
Pondering Eternity through the eyes of a wise old servant.

Vacation first in poetry contest
After a tough time on this sinful earth, a time to enjoy.

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