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Poems About Heaven

HEAVEN finalist in poetry contest
Thinking of that wonderful place.

Goodbye And Hello
This poem contrasts the sorrows of this world with the joys of heaven for those that are ready to meet the Lord.

Go in Peace Dear One
Death isn't the end for those who have gained salvation. Great joy awaits! Praise the Lord!

From Here to Eternity finalist in poetry contest
Pondering Eternity through the eyes of a wise old servant.

Vacation first in poetry contest
After a tough time on this sinful earth, a time to enjoy.

What is Heaven like? This is my take on what the transition from here to there will be like.

A Reality Greater Than A Dream
To go to Heaven and see the One who died for me is a dream of mine that one day will be a reality!

"Colors of Heaven"
Do we as Christians ever ponder the colors of Heaven? Are they the same ones as ours on Earth?

I Seek A Better Country
I’m getting ready for a flight to a better country of which the Bible speaks.

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