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Easter Poems

Easter Journey
A snapshot of the last period of our Lord’s earthly life.

The Wondrous Cross
A poem that directs us to survey the wondrous cross so we can see the beauty of its message!

A New Covenant
Reflecting on the events of Good Friday. We need to explore all the grace in His great sacrifice - what a gift!

It should have been me
A short poem reflecting on the miscarriage of justice that first Easter

Lash by Lash the pain He bore
Reflecting on the coming of Easter

Third Man on a Cross
This poem elaborates on a brief conversation recorded in Luke's gospel where our Lord speaks with a man we know little about. This man certainly did not understand the mystery unfolding. Or maybe he understood more than we think.

Dusty Roads finalist in poetry contest
Written from the perspective of the thief on the cross - who had experienced many dusty roads!

Life from the Dead
Though we celebrate the Resurrection every week, it seems fitting that a day be set aside each year for special focus. Not only is it fitting to have a day like Easter, it seems fitting that it is in the spring when we see nature returning to life.

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
Inspired by Mark 11 : 1 - 10. Written from the donkey’s point of view. In my poem, I highlight the mixed emotions I imagine Jesus must have felt, seeing He knew what was awaiting Him in the coming Passion week.

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