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Friendship Poems

Love Never Ends
God honors prayer

The Loss of a Friendship second in poetry contest
The Lord wants us to forgive each other the wrongs done to us, just as He forgives. Our Father is a God of relationships - He does not want us to lose friendships because we are not willing to forgive - if we forgive, God will forgive.

When You're Feeling All Alone finalist in poetry contest
When we are feeling all alone, we can call upon a friend - Jesus, and He will get us through the solitude.

Guard My Mouth finalist in poetry contest
This is a prayer petitions God's help to speak the truth and not hurt others through the words we speak, as harmful words may mar sweet friendships, or be the cause for their loss.

Prayer for a Friend
A little prayer for a friend.

Listening so you may Hear
Are we really listening?

For Your Peace
A verse exhorting a friend who has stepped wrong to get back on track with Jesus.

Touched by a teenager
God used a 14 year old girl to share the love of Jesus with me, in a laundromat in 1972. .

Reaching Out
It is so important to maintain our friendships, and to nurture them. And we must continue to nurture them, lest they may atrophy.

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