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Christian Hope

Jesus, the Stairway to Heaven
A few days before my mom passed on, she kept seeing people that had passed on. I believe that is God's way of easing your fears of death.

The Man from Galilee
A short synopsis of Jesus life

Portrait of Heaven
I used to go through the bible for all descriptions of heaven. I tried to use all the beautiful scenes that will be seen the minute you graduate from this life into eternity.

While sound asleep at 3:00 am one morning, I kept hearing the words, Whispers of mercy and grace. It kept repeating and getting louder. Finally I said , Ok God, I'm getting up. I went into the computer room and wrote "Whispers".

Freedom finalist in poetry contest
A poem about false freedom and true freedom.

In Christ
This poem explores what we have in Christ - the hope and life He brings

A poem comparing our earthly home with our true home.

The Light Before Dawn
We have this hope of the Lord’s coming as a light against the dark sky before dawn.

Blue Skies finalist in poetry contest
A poem for when you cannot see a blue sky on your horizon. Be assured its beauty is still there - found in Christ alone!We should worship Him even though life is clouded and hard - for this will give us a true perspective of what is valuable in life.

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