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Christian Hope

He Takes Me Back
The Lord's forgiveness is so sure that He takes us back even when we still fail

Reach Out
What God did for us through Jesus, we must reach out and take hold of.

My Plight - His Work
Again, His work that heals me.

Contrast of Two Hope’s
This poem explores and contrasts 2 types of hope - The hope that the world has which is based on wishful thinking (first 2 stanza's) and hope that a Christian has which is based on the promises of God which are certain and sure! (last 2 stanza's)

Love From Another Kingdom
I based this poem on Isaiah 41:13 - "I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand." And John 18:36 - "My kingdom is not of this world."

Rose of Delight finalist in poetry contest
Our perspective changes through experiencing the grace and love of God. This poem shows the contrast between knowing (stanza 3) and not knowing (stanza 1) hope's delight.

Until We Meet Again
As I continue to grieve the death of my mom, I wrote this poem as a reminder of what will help us heal our heart until we meet again.

At Calvary
Christ solved all our problems, no matter how complicated, by His cross.

Finding Jesus
Even in the greatest despair, Jesus can change and brighten any life.

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