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Poems by Pearl Leona Sturgis

poem count: 217 | pages: 25 | first place: 2 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 24 times
You Have a Friend in me.
I wrote this this Morning December 10,2015 thinking of my atheist face book friends and our deep conversations.

He Kept Every Scar second in poetry contest
I just wrote this yesterday when thinking about Doubting Thomas. Jesus was already risen and He told Thomas to thrust his hand in His side,

I Want to Talk about US
Toby Kieth has a famous song that made number one on the charts. I came to my mind when all the face book posts brought up the evil things happening in the world. I changed the words from "I want to Talk About Me" to "I Want to Talk about US!

Headed Back to Highland
They now have the senior center in my old elementary school. I joined the memoir writing class ten years ago. The Highland Elementary School closed but to me same school and same memories.

United We Stand second in poetry contest
I wrote this at 3 0clock this Morning. I could not sleep for thinking about how we have drifted away from God and Country.

Poppy's Old Straw Hat
Our Grandson loved his Poppy's Straw hat and begged for it to take it home with him. Poppy finally gave in.

Someday You'll Kneel
I was witnessing to an atheist when his last word was "christians live in a fairy tale life." He inspired this poem I wrote. morning. 7/27/15

Song of Moses
I was inspired to write this just now, June 5,2015 while reading Deuteronomy 32. Have had writer's block for months.

Patriotic Flu
Someone made a comment on face book that patriotism is a disease and a sickness tearing down freedom. I laughed and asked if I had a patriotic fever. First thing this morning I wrote this poem.