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Poems About Virtue & Christ-likeness

This poem is a petition to God, asking that we be made open to see, to hear, to give, and to be sincere with our intentions.

Good Versus Evil
Good versus evil, and making choices.

Letting Go of Grudges
Letting go of grudges . . . “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself," (Leviticus 19:18, NIV).

Prayer for Purity
A short prayer of dedication and surrender. It is only through His grace we can be cleansed.

May I be
All of our lives should be given to God. They should be an expression of our thankfulness to a gracious God. Showing to others the beauty of His grace.

Hallowed Ground
When we allow God to change our hearts and learn to obey Him, we can transform where we walk with His grace and it can become - his Hallowed ground!

Grudges finalist in poetry contest
When a grudge invades your heart, release it to the Lord. Don't let it take hold of you and have its way. A grudge has a way of festering - It is better to forgive and be free from its grip.

Teach Us - Help Us - Bless Us
As God's chosen people, He desires for us to humble and compassionate toward others - to bear with one another and be forgiving. This is a prayer asking the Lord to "teach us - help us - bless us."

Judging Others
Have you ever been judged by another, who never took the time to get to know you? Did they judge you by your appearance? Have you done the same? Some tend to look at the speck in another's eye and not pay attention to the plank in their own.

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