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Children Poems

A Child's Bedtime Prayer
A frighten and imaginative child's bedtime prayer to God.

Jenna's Day at the Lake
Jennas discovers that breaking a vow and forgiving releases her from fear and distrust.

Rock the Children
This is a prayer asking the Lord to protect the innocence of children - that He be their Rock, who prepares them for the battles ahead.

I’m Blanketed second in poetry contest
A humorous, yet accurate view of what God has given us all.

Thank You, God, for nature
A children’s poem to thank our Creator for the wonders of nature we see all around us; with a little prayer for our times at the end.

The Inquisitive Bee
The meaning of life has many lessons.

God is…
A poem that ‘explains’ God to small children, written in very simple words, so they can easily grasp its meaning.

Safe Snowflakes
I wrote this recently to go along with an object lesson taught in children’s church. When troubles come, we might feel like snowflakes blown about in a storm, but we can pray and trust God to help and guide us.

Butterfly Angels
The story of a little girl who caught more than an ordinary butterfly in her net!

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