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Children Poems

Bible Study
This poem shares the value of teaching youth the word of God. In this age, many younger generations are turning away from the gospel, so they must know that God exists and rewards those who fervently seek Him.

"Ted" is a one of many bedtime characters I used while kneeling at the bedside of my kids and grandchildren telling stories before tucking them in.

Little Ones finalist in poetry contest
God sends His love our way through little ones - children who touch our hearts each day. . .

A Prayer for Exploited Children
This is a prayer for children who are exploited in this world - a cry for help to the Lord.

A Child's Bedtime Prayer
A frighten and imaginative child's bedtime prayer to God.

Jenna's Day at the Lake
Jennas discovers that breaking a vow and forgiving releases her from fear and distrust.

Rock the Children
This is a prayer asking the Lord to protect the innocence of children - that He be their Rock, who prepares them for the battles ahead.

I’m Blanketed second in poetry contest
A humorous, yet accurate view of what God has given us all.

Thank You, God, for nature
A children’s poem to thank our Creator for the wonders of nature we see all around us; with a little prayer for our times at the end.

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