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Poems by Clinton Herring

poem count: 60 | pages: 7 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 34 times
Joined To Him
How the love of the Lord joins us to Him with a cord that can't be broken.

King of Love finalist in poetry contest
Words that characterize the Son and His great work

Covered finalist in poetry contest
It is His work and His blood that covers our sin.

Love Beyond Measure finalist in poetry contest
The astonishing and amazing love of God

Freed by Love
It is only by Jesus' love & the Father's love that we have a way to be saved.

Clueless Me finalist in poetry contest
How we are clueless about life until the Lord's truth is birthed in our hearts

The Blood That Covers
A poem stating that without Christ's shed blood to cover us we have no hope

Mercy's Work
God's merciful work bring us home

Children of the King finalist in poetry contest
We who know Christ are children of the King