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Circumstances will turn around when we submit to and follow God

I didn't see that coming! All of us have experienced surprises. Perhaps it was a surprise birthday party, maybe a job promotion or even heartbreaking news from your doctor. Although Covid-19 was a surprise to all of us, it was no surprise to God!

Elijahs God is my God
Elijah is known for the fact that he often dealt with problems much like the rest of us. At times he failed to see God’s hand as the one in control. However, unlike many of us, he still chose to trust God even though he did not always understand God.

Finish The Race
Finish the race with full trust in God

The Cross will Cost
Sometimes I find the Christian path inequitable. This poem is a reminder that I need to consider eternity over equality.

"What Can I Do?"
This poem was written in the early days when COVID-19 came to our province, when home isolation, and so many rules and regulations were being imposed, and changes being made every day. So many asking, "What Can I Do?"

Beneath That Old Cross finalist in poetry contest
Feeling guilty? There is a remedy that cures it once and for all.

How easy it is to spot defects and failures in others. But what if you suddenly found yourself walking in their shoes? We often see the sawdust in our neighbors eye and not the plank in our own eye. What God gave you their obstacle to wear? Mt.7:3-4

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