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Turn to God

THE ROAD AHEAD finalist in poetry contest
A poem about the Christian race to achieve him purpose

THE CASE OF MR CHRISTIAN WILL finalist in poetry contest
A Christian daily struggles within himself concerning how to always do what is right. Many times we end up agreeing with the common verdict that it’s not possible. But is there an answer in God’s Word? I believe there is!

BRING GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME second in poetry contest
Each year my New Year's Resolution seems to be the unattainable goal of bringing glory to His Holy name. Each year I fall short, and each year I try again.

Last Call finalist in poetry contest
The fear we all dread about receiving that “last call”, signifying a loved one has passed away.

Jesus knows and cares about all our griefs.

How Jesus has broken our chains.

Home Where I belong
A poem written to the photo prompt of a beautiful sunset with a broken windmill and old telephone wires in the foreground on a dry landscape. Sometimes we only see the broken and dryness and fail to lift our eyes to see the beauty God has created.

Why Did You Decide to Leave?
Many suffer from hopelessness—feeling lost and alone—their souls ladened with pain—pain we may not recognize. At some point, they may come to a “fork in the road” and choose the road that ends their journey.

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