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Home Where I belong
A poem written to the photo prompt of a beautiful sunset with a broken windmill and old telephone wires in the foreground on a dry landscape. Sometimes we only see the broken and dryness and fail to lift our eyes to see the beauty God has created.

Why Did You Decide to Leave?
Many suffer from hopelessness—feeling lost and alone—their souls ladened with pain—pain we may not recognize. At some point, they may come to a “fork in the road” and choose the road that ends their journey.

A Housewife's Day
Being a homemaker can be stressful, but Jesus wants to help us.

Journey to Beauty
Sometimes the journey to true beauty is filled with twists and turns. It's discovered when embracing the picture God is painting - when knowing the precious grace He has shown. For He is doing something beautiful with our lives!

In The Storm
In the storm with Christ

Child of War
This poem has been written for all the children suffering because of war. May we continue to pray for them and their families. May we as people of the world turn to Christ - he is the only hope for true peace.

A Faded Portrait
Many people are suffering through dementia - a cruel disease. Many faithful servants are needing our prayers and support through this painful time. May we honor them by caring for them and listening to their cries for help.

Closer Than You Think finalist in poetry contest
Sometimes we are in pain and are longing for a miracle. Take a careful look - as it may be closer than you think.

The Straight Path
A poem about how easily our paths diverge from the straight path.

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