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Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

Desperately I Cry to You
Many desperately cry out in fear as they have made unwise choices, leading them to a darkened place—they have become prey and are caught in a web and need the Lord’s help. . .

A Diff’rent World second in poetry contest
This poem tells of how the world would be different if every county and nation united and never struggled - never fought. . .

Australia used to be called "The Lucky Country" Beautiful scenery and places, boundless resources, the list goes on. After many years of being mishandled by crooked and inept Politicians we can call ourselves that no longer. Satan has been busy

As for Me
When faced with questions the world raises, what will be our response? May it always be - As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

There is a Growing Need. . .
There is a growing need for God, His love, tranquility, mercy, grace, righteousness. . .The world needs God, forgiveness, and faithfulness so it can change its ways. . .

A Godless Society
Describes how our nation which was based and founded on Christian principles has now become in many ways a Godless society.

Pride’s Wrath finalist in poetry contest
Examines difference between our pride and God's love.

In the Dark of the Night
This poem speaks to the many who have been taken captive, abused, and had their innocence stolen. . .

The Old Days
The old days will never come back. The times are ever changing but Jesus remains the same.

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