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Faith Poetry

I Trust Him
Jesus is trustworthy and worthy of being trusted. He will keep every promise.

Faith's Silent Wait second in poetry contest
A poem celebrating patient faith in awaiting God's vision and victory, drawing inspiration from lesser-known biblical characters and highlighting the parallel of waiting for forgiveness and trusting in God's timing.

Divine Transformation
Experience the miraculous change brought about by surrendering to Jesus, transforming emptiness into fulfillment and despair into joy.

A Grieving Heart finalist in poetry contest
The impact God has the power to make on a grieving heart.

What you gained by faith must be retained by faith

Child by Faith finalist in poetry contest
The reward for believing in Jesus and the work He did for us.

Sustaining Faith: A chronicle of deep troubles
Faith in Jesus during deep struggles involves unwavering trust, reliance, and belief in the teachings, presence, and redemptive power of Jesus Christ. It is a profound conviction that, even in the midst of profound challenges and adversity, Jesus provide

The Price Well-Known (Triolet)
Written in Triolet form. Simple style but challenging to write and still flow well. Praise God for His willingness to pay the well-known price. 1 Peter 1:18-23

Be calm and surrender.

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