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Faith Poetry

Speak in Faith
Speak in faith trusting in God's Word

The Country Church first in poetry contest
My paternal grandparents were strong Christians and lived in West Virginia. They went to a little country church in a single wide trailer, and the services were always beautiful. This poem is a result of my experiences there.

Why, God?
This poem is about struggling with faith and asking God for help in the midst of hardship. It is written by a 16-year-old living in the Bay Area.

Seek His Light
Full trust in Christ alone

Trust Me finalist in poetry contest
There are many things in life that we do not understand, but God does. This poem is about unanswered questions and trusting the Lord - having faith in Him.

Ah, The Potter finalist in poetry contest
The Lord is the Potter who shapes us and passes us through the fire for His purpose as He creates beauty in us.

I Am The Same God
The Lord is the same yesterday today and forever.

My Darkest Hour finalist in poetry contest
I wrote this right after I lost my husband of 23 years. It was a very difficult time, and as far as my faith goes, it was hard to hold on. God saw me through though, as he always does.

The Meaning of Life
Everyone at some time in their lives seek to know the meaning of life. But it not about knowing the meaning of life. It's about knowing the author of life.

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