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Christian Hope

"Our Responsibility"
This poem is a response to skeptics and for those who blame God for the bad in this world. But it also is points to hope if we will accept responsibility and seek His face.

I Am …. Hope
This is the first poem in my book, Morning's Curtain. I wrote it during the 2020 pandemic. Without Hope, we are lost. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for reconciliation. Hope for healing. …..

The Stain of Sin
Sin is a stain. We can't balance it with a right for a wrong. A stain must be washed out.

Explores where the beautiful is truly discovered! and what threatens to remove it.

Freed From Fear
With dangers all around, we don't need to fret, God has our back,

Living Hope
Life is certainly challenging! It can also be tiresome. Sometimes life even causes despair. But Jesus... oh our sweet Lord! He is our remedy— our remedy for everything!

Tell Him Where It Hurts
God will never forsake us. God is interested in your hurts, your fears and your discouragement. Speak to the Lord in your times of trouble, and tell Him where it hurts.

Strong Tower
God is our Strong Tower, a sure refuge in a time of need.

The Waypoint finalist in poetry contest
Jesus is Lord over the wind and waves.

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